Our Milk

Milk is often regarded as being nature's most complete food. It earns this reputation by providing many of the nutrients which are essential for the growth of the human body. Being an excellent source of protein and having an abundance of vitamins and minerals, particularly calcium, milk can make a positive contribution to the health of a nation.

NA.MI.LK - Fresh pasteurized milk of Negros Occidental.

What's pasteurized milk?

Freshly-milked milk can finally be used as milk after it is pasteurized. For tasty milk, the temperature of pasteurization is the key. Generally, there are two pasteurization methods. Very high temperature, quick pasteurization is one way. The other is low temperature and thorough pasteurization. Now, let's see how these two ways of pasteurization are different.
The most common method of high temperature pasteurization is efficient as it takes less time. However, this method results in a charred odor due to high temperature and the original flavor of the milk is lost.

With NA.MI.LK, to retain the original flavor of milk, high quality freshly-milked milk is heated at 65ºC for 30 minutes to create low temperature pasteurized milk, which is very tasty and smooth.